The main direction of our activity is the construction of residential buildings, interior repairs and renovations of apartments and offices, tiling.

Construction of residential buildings

We carry out work in accordance with design solutions and taking into account the wishes of the customer, in compliance with building codes, rules and safety requirements. The works consist of:

•  construction of the foundation;

•  wall construction;

•  roof arrangement;

•  installation of windows and doors

•  installation of networks and utilities;

•  interior work and exterior decoration of the house.

The dream of your own home will come true sooner or later. With our help, you can build exactly the house in which all your ideas and goals are realized.

Renovation and reconstruction of offices

This is a large complex of works, each of which requires special attention and careful checking. Therefore, the renovation and decoration of offices is carried out by our professionals who use modern technologies and a huge range of materials and will be able to make any dreams come true.

We carry out the following types of renovations:

•  redecoration of turnkey offices – work on promptly changing the appearance of the premises: wall and floor coverings, services for the installation of modern ceilings, lighting equipment, and so on. Redecoration refreshes the room, makes it beautiful and cozy;

•  overhaul of turnkey offices – work related to changing the layout, creating new partitions and walls, physical expansion of space, replacement of electrical wiring or plumbing and other complex work affecting functionality and safety.

Reconstruction of apartments and bathrooms

We will qualitatively carry out the reconstruction of your apartment or house.

Reconstruction of the kitchen, wall cladding, replacement of the contents of the bathroom and toilets, plaster, tiles and insulation of balconies.

We also carry out professional work on the installation of plumbing and heating systems, electricity.

Tiling works

We offer you professional tiling works for all types of tiles. You can always count on our professional design.

For tiling, we use the best materials from leading companies and give a guarantee for our work.